TSA asks private jet pilots to keep an eye on during inauguration – Robb report

The U.S. Transportation Safety Board (TSA) is asking private jet owners and pilots to report any suspicious or unusual activity as security tightens around tomorrow’s presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. The government agency last week sent a request to the general aviation community to report “disruptive activity” to police. A story in the National Business Aviation Association’s daily news site reported it security has been tightened in Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport following the recent attack on the US Capitol.

“In light of recent events at the U.S. Capitol and in preparation for the upcoming presidential inauguration, the Transportation Security Administration is asking our general aviation partners to maintain increased security awareness in late January,” the TSA said in a security awareness session. announcement.

The NBAA noted that private jets should expect airspace restrictions, especially if owners plan to attend the inauguration. AOPA, an association of aircraft operators, said in a note to its members that pilots operating in the airspace would not be able to fly within the Flight Restricted Zone around the inauguration, and would only be able to land at the airports of the three main DC areas. Smaller airports for general aviation in the area will be close to private air traffic most of the day tomorrow.

In addition to asking for the help of private airline owners, the FAA has closed the airspace over the Capitol during the inauguration.

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“The TSA’s outreach continues to reinforce the value of the general aviation community’s awareness of reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement officials,” said Doug Carr, NBAA’s Vice President of Legislative and International Affairs. “It is important that the business community recognizes the unique security situation that is developing for the inauguration of the President.”

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson noted that his agency would impose a stricter policy enforcement policy against troubled air passengers. Dickson said “stiff sanctions,” including fines of up to $ 35,000 and jail time, would be imposed without warning.

The NBAA expects lower private air traffic to airports in the Washington area. Commercial airlines are also implementing new rules. Delta, U.S., Southwestern, United States and Alaska airlines said customers flying to Washington area airports will not allow passengers to carry firearms in checked baggage during the inauguration week. American has suspended all liquor sales on its flights.

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