The trailer for episode 7 of ‘WandaVision’ reveals a major change in Wanda …

‘Splainin’ to do

After last week’s suspense, we’re dying to know what’s going on happen next at the WandaVision Episode 8. Still, it was a surprise when Marvel released a new clip on Thursday morning before Friday’s usual premiere, especially after we realized what this little teaser reveals.

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In less than 90 seconds, our first look at WandaVision trailer causes a lot. On the one hand, we have confirmation that, as the Disney + series moves into the early 2000s, it is choosing to parody Modern Family. This makes sense, given the program’s focus on Wanda, Vision and their two mysterious children, but it can also be bad news for any hopeful fans of The office.

The clip also begins with Wanda speaking to the camera in the type of confession of both Modern Family and The office are known for. She admits to expanding the size of her false reality – which I am sure is the first time she has really admitted to being in control – before saying that she will take the day off.

However, their plans are quickly undermined when Billy and Tommy (who haven’t aged since episode 6) rush into the room and complain that something is wrong with their video game. Billy also notes that he is hearing many voices in his head. It seems that Billy’s powers – established last week – are already growing out of control in WandaVision Episode 7.

The big twist, however, comes when we see what’s wrong with the twins’ video game. The Nintendo GameCube controllers they are holding (which conveniently date WandaVision Episode 7 in the early 2000s) Magically transform yourself into Atari controllers and then Uno boards. It seems that Wanda’s control over Westview is disappearing, and we can only imagine what that means for the rest of the city – especially those scary people.

With only three episodes to go, WandaVision need to provide some answers, but it can also raise even more questions when setting up Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Without an obvious vision of the villain, we cannot help but Wanda will end up being the great evil of the series. And as your false reality begins to crumble, it seems more and more likely.

WandaVision Episode 7 airs on Friday at 3 am at Disney + East.

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