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February’s Gonna Be a Large Month for Mars

On February 9, the United Arab Emirates’ Hope spacecraft is anticipated to enter orbit round Mars after a six-month, 300-million-mile journey from Earth. It is going to mark the start of a historic month for the Purple Planet, which is able to see three separate nationwide missions enter orbit or contact down on the floor. Two of the nations behind these missions, the UAE and China, might be visiting Mars for the primary time; they are going to change into the fifth and sixth nations to tug off that feat, respectively. The third mission, launched by NASA, is anticipated to…

World’s Driest Desert Was As soon as Reworked Right into a Fertile Oasis by Chook Poop

World's Driest Desert Was Once Transformed Into a Fertile Oasis by Bird Poop

The Atacama Desert has a fearsome popularity. The world's driest non-polar desert, positioned alongside the Pacific coast of northern Chile, constitutes a hyperarid, Mars-like setting – one so excessive that when it rains on this parched place, it will possibly carry dying as a substitute of life.  But life, even within the Atacama Desert, finds a means. The archaeological report reveals that this hyperarid area supported agriculture many a whole bunch of years in the past – crops that by some means thrived to feed the pre-Columbian and pre-Inca peoples who as soon as lived right here."The transition to agriculture…

What Is the Scientific Method and How Did It Shape Science?

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Around the turn of the 6th century B.C., beside the Aegean Sea in the city of Miletus, the first Greek philosopher concluded that “all is water.” His name was Thales. His pupil, Anaximander, disagreed — he believed the underlying substance of the universe was “indefinite stuff.” His own student, Anaximenes, thought it was air. These ideas seem fantastic, but in them the scientific mind is taking root. They’re arguably the first competing hypotheses, marking “a shift away from mythological explanations,” says Brian Hepburn, a philosopher of science at Wichita State University. Setting aside gods and supernatural forces, these philosophers instead base…

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