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Players, officials and support staff started arriving at the Grand Hyatt hotel in mid-JanuaryBetween 500 and 600 Australian Open players, officials and support staff will go into isolation after a worker at one of the event's quarantine hotels tested positive for coronavirus.Thursday's play at the...
Listen: “The History of Sketch Comedy,” a new 10-part podcast by the actor and producer Keegan-Michael Key, is a surprising and earnest defense of a relatively unsung art form.Read: Chang-rae Lee’s sixth novel, “My Year Abroad,” follows a college student who has been through a...

Myanmar’s return to full navy ruleAfter Myanmar’s generals seized energy in a coup, state tv broadcast an announcement wherein the navy tried to justify its excessive steps. It contended that.

As they do on the opening of any star-studded movie pageant, photographers scrambled for place, coaching their lenses on the spot the place viewers members would alight. However when the primary — and solely — visitor of honor arrived, she was clad not in a...
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Nigeria inheritance: ‘My brothers took the whole lot when my father died’

Nigeria inheritance: 'My brothers took everything when my father died'

Household homes are seen because the unique inheritance of male kids so as of seniority - this comes from a time when an Igbo man lived individually from his wives and kids inside the similar compound in a home referred to as the obi. At his dying, the obi stated to include spiritual artefacts handed on to the primary male youngster. The place there have been no male kids, it handed on to different male members of the prolonged household, however not the person's spouse or daughters.

Coronavirus: EU confirms export controls on vaccines

Coronavirus: EU confirms export controls on vaccines

"Right this moment, we've developed a system which can permit us to know whether or not vaccines are being exported from the EU. This elevated transparency may also include a duty for the EU to authorise, with our members states, these vaccine exports."

Monitoring Coronavirus Vaccinations Across the World

Tracking Coronavirus Vaccinations Around the World

20406080 millionDec. 15Jan. 2884.9 million Whole doses administered Greater than 84,900,000 vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, equal to 1.1 doses for each 100 individuals. There may be already a stark hole between vaccination packages in numerous nations, with most but to present a single dose. Doses administered per 100 individuals 5 10 15 20 No vaccinations Double-click to zoom into the map. Supply: Vaccinations information from native governments through Our World in Knowledge Vaccinations by nation Doses administered Pct. of inhabitants Per 100 individuals Whole Vaccinated Totally vaccinated World 1.1 84,907,040 – – Israel 48.9 4,347,206 32.1% 16.9% U.A.E.…

As Moderna looks to increase the doses in vaccine vials, the White House announces an expected boost in manufacturing.

As Moderna looks to increase the doses in vaccine vials, the White House announces an expected boost in manufacturing.

The upstart drugmaker Moderna is asking U.S. regulators to allow it to increase the amount of coronavirus vaccine put into each vial by as much as 50 percent, arguing that it can speed vaccines to patients by clearing away a simple manufacturing bottleneck: Getting medicine into bottles.The Food and Drug Administration could decide within a few weeks how much more vaccine Moderna, the developer of one of the two federally authorized Covid-19 vaccines, can put into its vials. Moderna says it can raise the number of doses per vial from 10 to as much as 15.The company has already been…

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